ACB arrests clerk in a case of bribery

ACB arrests clerk in a case of bribery

Clerk at SDM office nabbed taking bribe.

ACB arrests clerk in a case of bribery

A lower division clerk from the SDM office was arrested in a case of bribery on Monday. Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) received a complaint regarding Bhanu Khatri who happens to be a clerk at SDM office at Jhadol tehsil falling in Udaipur district. Bhanu was caught red-handed taking 25000 rupees from the complainant Vishnu Paneri.

As complained by Vishnu, the bribe was in lieu for not taking action in an encroachment case. ASP Sudhir Joshi has gone ahead stating that action will also be taken to find the role of the SDM in this case. The case would be thoroughly investigated to find if the SDM was involved as the accused had mentioned that a share of the bribe amount would be given to him. News has it that the complainant encroached public property adjoining to his land. He was served a notice to remove the illegal possession. The accused clerk was then approached to write off the action for which 25000 rupees were demanded.

The inspector from the ACB team said that the complaint was verified by his team and when Vishnu went to give the bribe money to the clerk, the clerk was nabbed by the ACB team.

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