Adventure Sports to provide a new dimension to Udaipur tourism

Adventure Sports to provide a new dimension to Udaipur tourism

A variety of adventure sports will add to the importance of Udaipur on the tourism map.
Adventure Sports to provide a new dimension to Udaipur tourism

-Udaipur will have added attraction for tourists in the form of adventure sports.

-Adventure sports will provide much needed relief from stress in the pandemic era.

Udaipur has made its mark on the tourism map and the city never stops in adding new dimensions that increase its popularity. With the tourists getting more and more interested in the scenic beauty and culture of this place, they are about to be enthralled with new activities that will ultimately push Udaipur into being their most favourite destinations and of course an unbeatable one.

Why just the tourists, the new additions in Udaipur will attract local public as well who is craving for a relief from the stress that the pandemic has caused over one year!! Trekking has obviously been a source of relief and now the adventure lovers are in for a pleasant surprise.

9 types of adventure sports are about to begin which are very likely to give a new leap to Udaipur. Proposals have been invited for para-sailing at Fatehsagar Lake, yachting, bungee-jumping, fly-boarding, para-gliding, zip-line, rock-climbing, sky-cycling and rope-crossing for which 12 firms have shown interest.

Once the deal is finalised, Udaipur will get the gift of these adventure sports activities. Udaipur is going to be the first city in the region to begin with these adventure sports. As of now zip-line at Phulwari ki Naal is already attracting crowds. This zip line is 400 metres high and 776 metres above sea-level.

Until now people have had the benefit of boating in Fatehsagar Lake and then the zip-line became an added advantage for tourists. With the development of new series of adventure sports, Udaipur will attract more tourists which is obviously a much required aspect now.  

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