Aerator machines in Lake Pichola are out of order since 6 months

Aerator machines in Lake Pichola are out of order since 6 months

Recycling of water not possible due to non-functioning of aerator machines.
Aerator machines in Lake Pichola are out of order since 6 months

The aerator machines recycling water are not functioning.

Administration is negligent towards this issue. 

The aerators help in keeping the water clean.

Why is the administration so negligent towards the lakes? On one hand they are spreading awareness aboout the importance of lake conservation and carrying out various campaigns for keeping the lakes pollution free, there on the other hand they are not even aware that the machines used to keep the lake clean are not functioning. 
The purpose of installing the aerators machines is defeated in the absence of repair and maintenance. In 2017, 2 aerator machines were installed in Swaroop Sagar by UIT and 1 machine each in Kumharia talab and Rangsagar in 2018 by Municipal Corporation. Because of negligence, all the 4 machines are not operating since last 6 months. The water of 2 prominent water bodies viz. Swaroop Sagar and Rangsagar has become extremely polluted. It may also be noted that lack of repair and maintenance will convert these machines into mere scrap material in the near future. 
Administration has been notified of the situation. It may also be noted that recently a lot of fish died in Lake Pichola because of contamination. 

Let us see what the aerator machines do:
The lake falls short of oxygen because of pollution. The water becomes contaminated. If the oxygen circulation is proper, the water stays clean. The aerator machines circulate water and throw it like a fountain. When the fountain water comes in contact with oxygen and falls back into the lake, it creates a good circulation of oxygen. 

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