Airgun and pellets recovered from passenger at Udaipur airport

Airgun and pellets recovered from passenger at Udaipur airport

Fear of RDX at Udaipur airport-Passenger held back with airgun and pellets.

Airgun and pellets recovered from passenger at Udaipur airport

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A passenger at Udaipur airport was held for possessing airgun and pellets. During security check, Ambikel AK Jeevan was stopped from flying back to Karnataka as the pellets were found to have some kind of powder which is suspected to be RDX. Police will have a chemical test done for the powder found in the pellets. Whether the powder is RDX or not will be clear once the report arrives.

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Ambikel and 5 others were in Udaipur for a seminar on pharmacy. After the seminar they headed to Mount Abu for vacation and purchased the airgun and pellets from there. When the pellets were checked at the airport, the detector machine could not produce a correct reading which created doubts about the pellets. The airport management informed police station and the FSL team reached the airport. The powder seemed dangerous and a sample was sent for FSL investigation. The other members of Ambikel’s team have been allowed to go back to Karnataka but Ambikel has been held back. Ambikel said that he is the President of Pharmacy Association of Karnataka. He will be in Udaipur till the FSL report arrives. If the report states that the powder in the pellets is not RDX, Ambikel is likely to be released. It may be noted that even on 14th July, a similar product was recovered in Vadodara in Gujarat but investigations revealed that the product was not an explosive.

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