Aliens on Earth?? And we are not aware!!

Aliens on Earth?? And we are not aware!!

Aliens are moving around us??

Aliens on Earth?? And we are not aware!!

Aliens may have already landed on Earth and we are not even aware about it. A scientist from NASA claims that we may have been visited by aliens already.

Silvano Colombano, a scientist with NASA, says that aliens may be around us and may have gone unnoticed. In an established paper, he argued on the fact that the extra-terrestrials could be an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity. He also added that they might not be produced by carbon based organisms, but they could be robotic in nature.

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Some scientists say that we have not been visited by aliens as aliens use radio waves for communication, but this fact has again been questioned by Silvano. He says that scientists need to work again on their theory about aliens. He added that the history of technological advancement in human civilisation is merely 10000 years old and scientific methodology has developed only in the last 500 years.

So, now this is a big question…Have Aliens already landed on earth? Are they really moving around us? Have they gone unnoticed so easily? We need to keep our eyes and our mind as well open to changes in nature.

(with inputs from media reports)

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