Singer Ameen Sabri attributes his music's origins to Udaipur's Dargahs

Singer Ameen Sabri attributes his music's origins to Udaipur's Dargahs

Ameen Sabri shared his thoughts during the Rajasthan Cinema Festival

Ameen Sabri
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Even in the present day, listening to the melodious duo of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi continues to provide a sense of tranquility. However, the recent trend of remaking their songs is having a detrimental effect on classical music. The authentic essence of qawwali and shayari, which was once a prominent feature of songs, seems to have faded away. The incorporation of these classics into modern arrangements, such as bands or rock music, is diluting their inherent intimacy. Ameen Sabri, a prominent figure from the renowned Sabri Brothers of the state, shared his thoughts during the Rajasthan Cinema Festival. He expressed concern over this shift and highlighted that songs like 'Der Na Ho Jaye Kabhi Late Na Ho Jaye' and 'Ek Mulakat Zaroori Hai Sanam' have been his successful creations.

Ameen Sabri expressed his deep-rooted affinity for Udaipur, mentioning that he holds a special connection with the city. His musical journey took shape through performances within the dargahs of Udaipur, particularly at the revered Mastan Baba's dargah, a tradition he has upheld since its early days. Fondly reminiscing about his childhood, Amin Sabri revealed his enduring fondness for the namkeen, a savory snack, crafted by his father's namkeen shop situated in Bapu Bazar.

Despite being 90 years old, his attachment to this treat remains steadfast, evident when he visits Udaipur as he invariably seeks it out first. Shifting his focus to contemporary musicians, Ameen Sabri pointed out that mere attention to appearance of hair, beard, and attire does not suffice to qualify as a true musician. He stressed the importance of possessing an understanding of melodies and the inherent spiritual essence of lyrics. In the context of today's music industry, Ameen Sabri identified Javed Ali and Arijit Singh as commendable artists, acknowledging their prowess and contribution to the field.

Collaborating alongside his father and brother, Ameen Sabri lent his voice to over 150 songs throughout a remarkable 50-year career. Regrettably, both his father and brother have passed away, leaving a void that Amin Sabri feels acutely. He expressed that his stage has now been perpetually rendered empty without their presence.

Reflecting on the evolving music landscape, Ameen Sabri noted a significant transformation in audience preferences. In the past, people used to simply listen to songs. However, in contemporary times, the vibrant allure of songs has intensified to such an extent that they are no longer solely audible but also visually captivating, blurring the traditional distinctions between hearing and seeing.


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