Animal Aid team rescues calf and camel

Animal Aid team rescues calf and camel

Calf and camel rescued by Animal Aid.

Animal Aid team rescues calf and camel

Members of Animal Aid team rescued a calf and a camel on Sunday. The calf had fallen in 70 feet deep well whereas the camel was sick and was sitting at one place in Bedla.

The Animal Aid team received a message on Sunday that a calf had fallen into a well that was 70 feet deep in Srinagar colony in Gayariawas. The team reached the area and rescued the calf out. Being in cold water for a long time in the spine chilling winter, the calf was barely able to stand. The calf was then rushed to the Animal Aid hospital and given relevant treatment.

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In another incident in the city, a camel was spotted sitting at one place constantly for days altogether in Lakhavali area of Chota Bedla. Probably, it was abandoned by the owner since it was sick. The Animal Aid team took the sick camel away for treatment.

If you spot any kind of cruelty towards animals or if you spot any animal in a bad situation; contact Animal Aid helpline 9829843726 &9829489296.

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