Another wedding venue targeted by thieves

Another wedding venue targeted by thieves

Wedding venues are an easy target for thieves.

Another wedding venue targeted by thieves

Wedding venues have become an easy target for the criminal minds. Another wedding venue became a victim of thieves. And this time again, the area is Sukher and this happens to be the 2nd incident in the last 20 days.

Tuesday night, 30 tolas of gold and one and half lakh rupees in cash were stolen during an ongoing wedding ceremony. Mother of the bride was carrying 2 bags with her in the vatika where the wedding function was going on. The mother was present at the welcome gate when these 2 bags containing gold jewellery and cash were with her.

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These bags went missing somewhere between 9:45 – 10:15 p.m. There was a lot of hue and cry when the family discovered that the bags were stolen. Sukher police were informed of the theft. Police checked the camera footages where some unknown faces were spotted, but no details have yet been obtained about them. The incident of theft was similar to the one that happened a few days back. Investigations are on.

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