Is the Udaipur Anti-Encroachment Drive Haphazard and Unorganised?

Is the Udaipur Anti-Encroachment Drive Haphazard and Unorganised?

Traffic Jam problems will not cease if Illegal Parking on the Roads is not addressed in the same manner as Encroachment

udaipur traffic jam

UMC is also working on beautifying the lake shores

Udaipur Municipal Corporation is taking action once again against the 'alleged' encroachments in different areas of the city. Municipal officials state that the goal is to alleviate the city's population from the issue of traffic jams. In the ongoing anti-encroachment drive and the municipality's efforts to make the city roads encroachment-free, some street vendors are still continuing their businesses. They are either setting up stalls on the roads or running business right next to the boundaries of government officer's residences.

While the municipality is striving to create a more organized and traffic-friendly environment, the resilience of street vendors poses a challenge to these initiatives. The situation highlights the ongoing tension between the authorities and street vendors in the city, which makes us question whether the drive is haphazard and unorganised?

Actions Against illegal Parking

As a result of consistent news in media about illegal parking in the city, the police have begun cracking down on wrongly parked vehicles near intersections and restaurants to address the issue seriously. As a result, on Thursday, January 4, 2024 vehicles parked outside a restaurant near Delhi Gate, in front of the Police Control Room, were towed away. 

Currently, efforts are being made to remove encroachments and constructions outside shops and stalls. However, it is important to inform the municipal corporation about the parking issues in areas like RK Circle in Bhuvana and several spots in the city. In these locations, vehicles of restaurant customers are being parked haphazardly on the roads, causing significant traffic disruptions. Drivers passing through these areas are facing difficulties, and it often leads to long queues of vehicles that require immediate attention. Despite being aware of this situation for the past two years, as reported by Udaipur Times, the administration and police authorities had not yet addressed the issue, and the situation remained unchanged. Coordination between concerned authorities is essential to find a solution to these ongoing problems. The Police is now working with the local administration to address this problem and will be giving deadlines to remove vehicles from illegal parking spots that have sprung up in the city.

Unauthorized Stalls, Cabins and Hoardings Removed

On Wednesday, January 3,2024 at Shastri Circle on Ashok Nagar Road, 25 unauthorized stalls, 5 cabins, and various hoardings were confiscated. Furthermore, the ramp outside the showroom on Moksh Marg was demolished, contributing to the road's widening. At the Delhi Gate intersection, persistent encroachments and illegal parking in front of the police station have been ignored by the municipal corporation and police authorities for several years.

Removal of Weeds from Lakes

weed removal

A new initiative to clean the shores of municipal lakes has begun. The Municipal Corporation is working on beautifying the lake shores by removing thorny bushes and weeds. Deputy Mayor and Health Committee Chairman, Paras Singhvi, personally started this campaign.

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