Anti-snake venom likely to be made soon

Anti-snake venom likely to be made soon

Teams from IIS Bengaluru are in Udaipur for their research on the antidote.
Anti-snake venom likely to be made soon
Venoms of cobra and viper have been collected from Udaipur.

The team from Indian Institute of Science (IIS) Bengaluru is researching on making antidotes. The team reached Udaipur on Tuesday and collected cobra and russel viper venoms as these snakes are abundantly found in Udaipur region. The team accompanied by the Wild and Street Animal Rescue Society is also searching for saw-scaled viper and krait as these snakes are also quite poisonous. 

The reason behind this is that the changes in geographical conditions also brings about changes in the snake's venom. The teams are hence collecting venoms from different areas to check the differences between the venoms of similar species. The antidote project will go on for 3 years. 

As informed by experts: A snake preys on a frog and then on a bird at a different place. The venom will be collected to find the difference because of change in geographical conditions. The venom will then be sent to the lab for testing and then antidote will be prepared based on the results. Samples will be collected from various states in North India and will be thoroughly tested before making the antidote. 

The founders of WARS, Udaipur, informed that Udaipur team had rescued a viper and cobra for venom collection prior to the arrival of the Bengaluru team. Krait and saw-scaled viper are being searched for as these snakes move out only at night.

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