Status Quo maintained | Udaipur stays put in RED zone, as India transitions to Lockdown 4

Status Quo maintained | Udaipur stays put in RED zone, as India transitions to Lockdown 4

Permissions and prohibitions in Udaipur to continue as before - Collectors orders
Status Quo maintained | Udaipur stays put in RED zone, as India transitions to Lockdown 4

Containment zone restrictions in place till 31 May

Udaipur total is 420 COVID+ve.

5 patients sent home after recovering and sample reports of 87 other positive patients have shifted to negative.

Instructions for Lockdown 4 were issued by the Central Government on 17 May, subsequent to which orders from the state government were issued on 18 May. Sequentially, Udaipur was waiting for instructions on Lockdown 4.

As per the orders from the District Magistrates office that were issued later yesterday evening, Udaipur has been classified as a complete containment zone and Lockdown 2 restrictions and allowances will continue to be implemented. Hence, to begin with, Udaipur will be maintain status quo under Lockdown 4, which will be in place across the nation, from 18-31 May.

With major police station areas of the city under curfew and partial curfew in other areas, a very small portion of the city is left out.  Accordingly, the District Magistrate had, on 8 May, declared Udaipur municipal area as containment zone, effective from 12AM on 9 May.

Details of the area wise status of Udaipur was sent to the home department at state level, and looking at the incremental growth in cases across the city, the entire Udaipur urban and adjoining areas were declared as red zone OR more specifically, containment zone.

Accordingly, ONLY those services that were permitted to operate with restrictions during Lockdown 2 and 3 will continue to operate in Lockdown 4.  Further, only those passes that were issued under Lockdown 2 will be valid for Lockdown 4.  Industrial areas have been exempted from containment zone restrictions. None of the allowances mentioned in the Home Department order of the Rajasthan government will be applied to Udaipur.  THESE RESTRICTIONS WILL BE IN PLACE TILL 31 MAY.

Business and shops will NOT be allowed to open. Only those shops (medicines, grocery till 11am and vegetable vendors till 11am) that have been allowed to operate in Lockdown 2 in the non curfew areas, will operate. Restrictions on movement will also be in place in all parts of Udaipur.

Udaipur has touched a figure of 420 COVID positive cases.  Though the figure seems intimidating, the increase has been curtailed to a certain extent even as the testing numbers increase considerably.  Most of the cases are from a restricted area and new cases are those of migrants and close contacts of already positive tested individuals. 5 patients have been discharged, 42 patients samples have shown negative results for COVID19 and first samples of 45 other patients have delivered negative results.


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