Authorities Urged to Address Pollution Threatening Udaipur Lakes

Authorities Urged to Address Pollution Threatening Udaipur Lakes

Environmental activist emphasized the need for regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent sewage overflow and discharge

Udaipur Lake Quality

Local lake enthusiasts and environmental advocates have reported alarming levels of pollution plaguing the city's lakes. Concerns have been raised over the daily disposal of several liters of contaminated water into these vital bodies of water, posing a significant risk to public health.

Dr. Anil Mehta highlighted the hazardous contents of sewage, including human waste, chemicals, and grease. He emphasized that just one gram of human waste can contain an alarming number of viruses, bacteria, and parasite cysts, all of which can lead to severe illnesses.

Former Lake Development Authority member, Tej Shankar Paliwal, emphasized the rampant sewage overflow throughout the lake areas. He noted that this not only pollutes the lakes but also contaminates the groundwater, exacerbating the environmental crisis.

Reports of dirty water flowing through pipelines have escalated, indicating a pressing crisis. The administration has been urged to address these concerns promptly to safeguard public health and preserve the integrity of the lakes.

Nand Kishor Sharma, director of Gandhi Manav Kalyan Society, highlighted the adverse impact of sewage on lake pollution, citing increased levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. Urgent measures are needed to mitigate this escalating environmental threat.

Environmental activist Kushal Raval emphasized the need for regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent sewage overflow and discharge. He proposed dividing the sewage system into zones for better monitoring and management by the municipality.

Members of the Lake Conservation Forum took proactive steps by volunteering to remove garbage from various lakefront areas. They cleaned trash from Rang Sagar of Pichhola, Chandpol, Amarkund, and Gangaur Ghat. Led by Haji Sardar Mohammed, the forum also engaged in awareness-raising activities to educate the public about the importance of preserving the city's lakes.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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