Ayad River Beautification Project Faces One-Year Delay

Ayad River Beautification Project Faces One-Year Delay

Set to wrap up in March...

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There has been a one-year delay in the Ayad River’s beautification project. Six firms engaged in the project now face a deadline extension until March,2024. According to officials, water is scheduled to be conveyed to the canal from the Madri Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) via pipes in January,2024. Once the canal work concludes, the released water will contribute to the project. Currently, approximately 60% of the canal work remains pending.

The Ayad River holds significant importance in Udaipur. Recognized as a contributor to rivers like Banas, Chambal, and Yamuna, it receives the waters of Pichola and Fatehsagar, which eventually merge into the Udai Sagar Lake. Regrettably, the river has experienced contamination over the years, attributed to the discharge of sewage and pollutants from drains. Ongoing efforts spanning several years aim to revitalise and restore this vital river that flows through the city's core.

To regulate water flow, iron gates will be strategically installed on the constructed embankments. This measure aims to enhance the efficiency and control of the water management system. The authorities are actively working to expedite the remaining tasks and meet the extended deadline for the Ayad River project.

Upon the completion of the canal project, it will be consistently supplied with water from the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Simultaneously, there is ongoing construction for a road extending from Laxmi City Mall to Subhash Nagar. Additionally, efforts are in progress to install electrical lines, specifically for high-mast lights, at regular intervals of 200 meters along the route.

The Ayad River takes its origin from the southeastern slopes of the mountains near the town of Gogunda. As it meanders for approximately 30 km, it makes its way into the city, entering near the Syphon Choraha and eventually merging with the Girva close to the Sevashram Bridge. Along its course, the river forms various ponds, both large and small, created by its tributaries, namely Bada Madar and Chotta Madar. Additionally, an embankment on Thur contributes to the river's landscape.

Emerging from this point is the Madar Canal, responsible for filling Fateh Sagar. The river's stretch from Syphon to the Sevashram Bridge spans about 6 km. Continuing beyond the Sevashram Bridge for approximately 15 km, the river finds its way into Udai Sagar Lake, situated to the east of Udaipur. Despite being the confluence of several rivers, the Ayad River has faced pollution issues due to the continuous inflow of contaminated drains, adversely impacting the surrounding groundwater levels. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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