Heavy Rains lash down across the United Arab Emirates

Heavy Rains lash down across the United Arab Emirates

Orange Alert in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah till 6pm on Tuesday, 16 April; adverse conditions to continue till Wednesday morning.

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Residents can follow the social media accounts of the authorities for real time updates or call 8009090 for latest updates.

Large parts of the Untied Arab Emirates were hit by thunderstorms followed by torrential rains over the last two days. This part of the Middle East is in the midst of a heavy rain downpour with high speed winds and rains across the affected areas, Oman and UAE being among them. While the last 24 hrs have seen unruly weather, the second wave of rainfall is set to hit UAE later today, as per local reports.


In Dubai today, many roads and underpasses were blocked off and metro services across the Red Line specially were disrupted following water clogging on the tracks as well as the station areas. These conditions are expected to last till the latter part of 17 April.

The authorities in the UAE have issued weather warnings and have asked residents to stay at home. Federal departments and government offices as well as some private offices have allowed / encouraged work from home and school and colleges have resorted to online classes for these two days. A second wave of thunderstorms are expected towards the evHistoening of 16 April. These thunderstorms will reach the west of the country and travel further east, with Abu Dhabi and Dubai being the most affected as per the National Centre of Meteorology.

The National


Dubai Airport has announced that flights could be cancelled, delayed or re-routed if the rains do not cease soon. Apart from cancelled flights, three were diverted to neighboring airports as per local media. The authorities have advised passengers ot check directly with their airlines, on information related to their flights, so as to allow for extra travel time to the airport.

A flash flood in Oman killed 14 people including 9 children in Oman on Sunday, 14 April. Heavy rains in Bahrain have caused floods in Manama, the capital city, while Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are also preparing for the bad weather.

History of Bad Weather

It was in Devember 1995, and bad weather brouhg widespread disruption across many parts of the Middle East. Southern Iraq, the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia witnessed unprecented rainfall and Zagros was subjected to snowfall. 99mm rainfall was recorded over Riyadh, 174mm over Sheraz.  The United Arab Emirates witnessed heavy and persistent rainfall. It was the wettest year on record for these Emirates. UAE witnessed rain for 11 days in a row. Dubai International Airport recorded 131mm rainfall, beating the highest of 75.7mm in Devember 1986. Khasab in Northern Musandam saw 283mm rainfall by the end of December and Fujairah, an Emirate to the north, recorded 325mm rainfall. Heavy rains washed away road, schools were closed, many people fled from their homes. Two teenagers at Zargos mountains were swept away in the floods.  The Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah were unprepared for this kind of rainfall and their sewage systems failed. Showrooms and shops were flooded with water.

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