Badi Lake is expected to become conservation reserve

Badi Lake is expected to become conservation reserve 

This initiative aims to protect the nearly extinct Mahseer fish species

Badi Lake

The lake will get recognition in the form of eco-tourism

Preparations are currently in progress for the declaration of the first major lake in the state as a conservation reserve. This initiative aims to protect the nearly extinct Mahseer fish species, which was once prevalent in various locations within the state, including the Chambal River. However, due to declining populations, the Mahseer fish is now only found in Badi Lake, located in Udaipur. The government has formally requested the assistance of the Forest Department to support this proposal, highlighting the critical need for conservation efforts. 

Badi Talab is poised to become the district's second conservation reserve. Earlier, on December 20, 2022, Bagdara Nature Park was designated as a conservation reserve specifically dedicated to the preservation of crocodiles. Upon the issuance of the notification, full jurisdiction over Badi Lake will be transferred from the Panchayat to the Forest Department. 

The declaration of conservation for Badi Lake will bestow upon it a fresh identity, as all human and commercial activities in its vicinity will be entirely prohibited. This will attract tourists and wildlife enthusiasts from across the country and around the world who wish to witness the Mahseer.

The Mahseer fish is exclusive to Udaipur within the state, and its distinguishing characteristic is its habitat solely in clean water. The escalating pollution levels in lakes and ponds pose a serious threat to its survival. In the past, this fish could also be found in various other lakes in the city, such as Fatehsagar, Pichola, and Udaisagar. However, pollution levels have surged due to the contamination of these lakes by sewage water, resulting in the species being mainly restricted to the large lake. 

UT NOTE: By safeguarding the habitat and population of the Mahseer fish, this conservation initiative not only addresses the imminent threat to this species but also opens up opportunities for sustainable tourism. Visitors will have the chance to observe and appreciate the unique biodiversity of Badi Lake while contributing to its preservation through responsible tourism activities.


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