Ban on bursting Diwali crackers in 10 states and Union territories

Ban on bursting Diwali crackers in 10 states and Union territories

Restrictions and bans are in place for this Diwali festival by NGT.
Ban on bursting Diwali crackers in 10 states and Union territories

-Concern over bad quality of air that we breathe in

-Effects of pollution on covid pateints can be drastic

National Green tribunal (NGT) has declared a ban on sale and bursting of fire crackers until November 30, 2020 in the wake of covid-19. The chief cause of concern for the authorities is the poor quality of air that gets polluted even further during Diwali celebrations. Crackers and fireworks are the main concern this year in the wake of covid-19.  

Prohibitory orders have been issued by several states. There are 10 states and Union Territories where ban or restrictions are in place. It is yet another issue that fire cracker dealers are very unhappy with this ban as Rajasthan government has also declared a strict ban on the use of fire crackers.

Ban and restrictions have been imposed in Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Odisha, Rajasthan and Sikkim. Some of these places have termed the use of fire crackers as illegal and punishable crime. The NGT has allowed the use of green crackers in places where quality of air is “moderate”.

Rajasthan government has asked the district officials to ensure a ban on the temporary licenses that is issued to fireworks dealers. Using fireworks and crackers in wedding ceremonies and functions has also been banned.

Where the state government does not specify a time period for bursting of crackers, the NGT said fireworks will be allowed during 8-10 pm on Diwali and Gurupurb, 6 am-8 am on Chhath, and 11.55 pm-12.30 am on Christmas and New Year's Eve. In other than cities and towns areas, where better air quality was recorded last year, the NGT has made a ban on cracker-bursting “optional”, as stated in an authentic source.

(image source:media reports)

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