Banana trap proves to be fruitful

Banana trap proves to be fruitful

A notorious monkey had been terrorising people since a month and was difficult to catch. 
Banana trap proves to be fruitful

-A man from Savina finally trapped the monkey by luring it through a banana.

-The red-faced monkey has already injured children and women in Iswal area.

A red-faced monkey had been causing terror in Iswal for the past one month. It had become too difficult for the teams of forest department to trap this monkey. The monkey has injured 6 people including children and women in the area.

A man displayed sense and courage to trap this monkey. He observed the monkey for some time and made some enquiries regarding its whereabouts and the places it was constantly frequenting. Based on the information, Shabbir Hussain placed one wooden cage at around 10:30 a.m. at the bus stand and one near the Panchayat Bhawan that leads towards the forest area.

Bananas and other fruits were placed in the cages. Then he waited for the monkey to arrive. He got information that the monkey was spotted near the Panchayat Bhawan around 3 p.m. Shabbir then tried to lure the monkey with a banana. When the monkey got nearer, it saw that there were lots of fruits in the cage. It was around 3:30 p.m. when the monkey was finally lured and it entered the cage. This was the moment for Shabbir to pull down the door of the cage and he trapped the monkey inside.

The villagers informed that the forest department was intimated immediately after the first attack of the monkey. The department had been trying their best but could not trap this notorious monkey. The monkey could not even be tranquilised the entire month as every time the teams went for tranquilisation, they were followed by the villagers which hushed the moneky away. Then Shabbir Hussain came into picture and the trap laid by him proved to be very fruitful. The monkey will now be kept in the biological park as releasing it into the forest can prove to be risky again.

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