Barbaric husband-The reason behind woman’s suicide attempt

Barbaric husband-The reason behind woman’s suicide attempt

Husband's barbaric behavior forces a woman to attempt suicide.

Barbaric husband-The reason behind woman’s suicide attempt

A woman tried to commit suicide almost 10 days back. She reached the railway track with her one year old son and lied down on the track so that the train could run over her.

It was on the night of 23rd June that this woman Kaushalya, resident of Madhya Pradesh, was spotted by some people on the railway track at Rana Pratap railway station with her son. Kaushalya (40) was saved by the people here at the railway station. She was taken in by CWC and seeing her mental condition, her child was kept away from her. When she regained her normal senses, she kept asking for her child.

On Wednesday, CWC President Preeti Jain took the statement of Kaushalya. Everybody present was shocked to hear the tortures this woman had undergone. Prior to relating her story, when Kaushalya did not find her son with her, she started accusing her husband of kidnapping the child.

As per her statements, Kaushalya’s husband is a barbaric man. She said that he used to beat her a lot. He would drink a lot and torture her immensely. Once in a drunken state, he even beat her with a piece of burning wood. The tortures did not stop even when the family members tried to bring him to senses. Her in-laws saved her from husband one day when he started beating her on the head, back and legs with burning wood. Tired of the torture, she left her husband’s house with her son.

People even thought of her as child thief, some thought she was mad and even threw stones at her. Someone even tried to snatch away her kid from her. Somehow she reached Udaipur and in the absence of any help she attempted suicide by lying on the railway tracks.

Kaushalya is now with CWC who have forwarded her details to CWC Satna, Madhya Pradesh.

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