Say yes to Earthenware, Copper and Stainless Steel bottles

Say yes to Earthenware, Copper and Stainless Steel bottles

Did you know the benefits of earthenwares?  

Benefits of earthenwares

Rajasthan's temperature has increased. A person needs to take extra care when leaving their home as the Loo season has arrived. To stay hydrated in this terrible heat, drinking water is essential. Our body needs more water than usual to stay hydrated. The best way to store water in summer is in earthen pots or clay pots. Did you know the benefits of earthen wares?  

Recently, Indian billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra shared a light-hearted comparison between a Surahi (Earthen Clay Pot) and a refrigerator. He said that the earthen water pot is durable, affordable and portable in comparison to the refrigerator.  

''Frankly, the Surahi is also superior from the point of view of design & aesthetics. In a world increasingly preoccupied with being planet-positive, the humble Surahi could become a premium lifestyle accessory,'' he wrote along with a pic listing the pros of the 'surahi'. 

Highlighting the benefits of earthenware:

First and foremost is that Surahi naturally cools water and has several therapeutic and health benefits. Surahi has tiny breathable pores which makes water evaporate quickly through these pores. Clay pots help maintain pH balance as they are alkaline in nature. They are eco-friendly in nature. 

Surahi water is gentle on the throat and is beneficial for Asthma patients and people who face shortness of breath during the summer change. Earthen pots are natural purifiers. It helps in combating heatstroke. On the other hand if you drink water from the refrigerator, problems like sore throat, cough or cold can happen. 

''Have been using this from the last 16 years. Naturally cooled water. Water taste improves. No cough, cold or other allergies. Have stopped consuming ice a long time back. Highly recommended.'' - A Twitter user replying on Anand Mahindra’s post. 

Avoid using plastic bottles:

The safest choice is to use steel or copper bottles if you keep bottles in the refrigerator or carry water bottles with you. Again, using steel and copper bottles has several advantages. 

Copper Bottles: It may eliminate any potentially hazardous bacteria, algae, fungus, molds, and microbes from water, rendering it completely safe for consumption. The capacity to enhance digestive function is among the main advantages of drinking water from a copper bottle. This is a result of copper's unique qualities, which include the ability to destroy harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation. This makes it a great remedy for infections, ulcers and indigestion. 

Steel Bottles: Stainless steel is a sustainable and environmentally beneficial material since it is readily recyclable and produced exclusively of natural metals. Stainless steel water bottles display remarkable adaptability and durability, in contrast to fragile plastic and delicate glass water bottles. Today's stainless steel bottles often include two layers of insulation, allowing the contents to stay hot or cold for up to 12 hours, respectively.


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