BEWARE of links on your phone/mail

BEWARE of links on your phone/mail

BEWARE of links on your phone/mail
Do not fall prey to any kind of link that you receive over mobile or over mail. The links are meant to squeeze your hard earned money.

People have been getting various links over their mobile phones. These links promise a fortune and people become victims of online fraud. Do not open any link that promises you a good amount of money or that says that you have won a lottery or that even tells you that your account has been hacked and needs to be protected. 

In case of any such links, contact police immediately if at all you have accidently opened the link, else the best option is to delete such messages with immediate effect. Cyber fraud has become a common happening in today's world. People are falling prey to all kinds of temptations despite the fact that police and cyber help line are circulating warnings regarding these issues.

You wish to become rich, then work hard for it. Money doesn't grow on trees and it does not even pour out of lottery tickets, either. Offers of buying an attractive product based on the links that promise free gifts is another way to become a victim of online fraud. These fraudsters grab your pulse that shouts "money" and take away all that you worked for. 

Be extremely careful and report all such links DO NOT CLICK ON THEM. Your hard earned money can be retrieved to some extent but what if nothing is retrievable at all!! Be alert. 

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