BEWARE of Snow Foam or the Party Foam

BEWARE of Snow Foam or the Party Foam

Party foam contains inflammable chemicals that can be disastrous. 
BEWARE of Snow Foam or the Party Foam
A youth recently got the shock of his life when his face caught fire while he was being sprayed with party foam and a candle was burning right there. 

Off and on people have been asked to be extremely cautious while blowing candles on the cake. Cake is one thing that takes place on every table, be it birthday, wedding anniversary or any other kind of celebration. It is not the cake that we are actually talking about.

We are talking about the various chemicals used during parties to create the snow effect or the colorful glitter effect. Party foams or the snow foams are the ones that are used in just every party now and with it is the sparkling candle without which a cake seems so incomplete. But these foams are the ones that must now be eliminated completely as fun makes the people forget the danger that they are inviting.

There have been several warnings over a period of years regarding this foam as people have suffered severe burns. This foam is known for its disastrous effect on eyes and one must consult a specialist if it falls into the eyes. But what are the other disadvantages? Well, this material is highly inflammable and we suggest that the manufacture of this foam be stopped with immediate effect.

In Delhi, a youth’s face caught fire as his friends sprayed this foam while he was about to cut his birthday cake. The foam landed on his face and the sparkling candle near him gave rise to immediate flames and the youth was seen running around to save his burning face. The fire that we see was actually felt by him.

It is highly recommended that the use of party foams be stopped immediately. More so the production must stop. Please do not encourage snow foams for any kind of parties at home or outside. The disaster would still accompany and imagine the situation when a person’s face gets burnt. Children are also at immense risk with these foams.

(image courtesy:instagram)

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