BEWARE-There is a new facebook messenger scam, DO NOT FALL FOR IT

BEWARE-There is a new facebook messenger scam, DO NOT FALL FOR IT

Messages are being circulated in facebook messenger windows which can prove to be fatal for your privacy.
BEWARE-There is a new facebook messenger scam, DO NOT FALL FOR IT



A message has been circulating on Facebook messenger that can hack and your account and is fatal for your privacy. The message begins “Is it you in the video?” Cyber security firm has issued a warning against this message asking users not to fall for it. Do not open this link under any circumstances. This social media scam will make you lose access your account.

The researchers say that cyber criminals are sending video links for which the users need to enter their name and password of Facebook . If the users fall for this video link, they will lose access to their Facebook account. Once the user name and password in entered on this fake log-in page, it is submitted to the server on a low cost web hosting service in USA which is using a vaguely legitimate-looking domain name that was registered less than a month back. This allows the scammers to access your account.

The link actually has no video, but it directs the user to the fake page which steals your personal data. Users must use two-factor-authentication to protect their account. Also an anti-virus with built-in-web-filter must be used. The web filter helps you stop landing on a fake page.

Strong passwords must be used and if at all your account is hacked, you must visit your account as soon as possible without opening any link. It is better that you have access to your account from some other device and once you access it, you must change your password making it extremely strong. If at all your account is lost, it must be reported to Facebook immediately.

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