BEWARE-ATM fraud through card cloning

BEWARE-ATM fraud through card cloning

ATM frauds are on the rise-Now through card clones.

BEWARE-ATM fraud through card cloning

There is no end to online fraud. In the series of ATM fraud once again a case has come to light where money was withdrawn from an account while the card was in owner’s possession.

As per a case reported in Bhupalpura police station, money was withdrawn from a woman’s account from ATM in Faridabad while the ATM card was still with her. Around 12000 rupees were withdrawn from Chanda Sharma’s account on 3rd April. Reportedly similar incidents occurred in the past few months as well where the amount withdrawn from various people’s accounts was around 1 and a half lakh rupees.

Chanda Sharma reported that she had withdrawn 10 thousand rupees on 3rd April and 100 rupees on 4th April from her account through ICICI ATM at Delhi Gate. She went to the ATM again on 10th April but could not withdraw money. She made a few more attempts but could not succeed. After this she took out a mini statement as per which 12 thousand rupees were withdrawn from her account on 5th April by someone while the ATM card was in her possession. She also said that she hadn’t received any phone calls which could be considered for this ATM fraud. She was left with no money in her account after this.

As per cyber experts, people involved in these kinds of crimes install a cloning machine on the ATM centre exactly where card is inserted in the machine. This cloning machine is not easily visible, actually not visible to any layman. When consumers swipe their cards in the ATM machine, the cloning machine reads the card number and even the password of the card. Based on these details, a copy of the ATM card is made by the criminals and they empty your bank account.


Whenever you go to any ATM booth, do make sure that there is no other machine or mesh like thing installed on the ATM machine. Anything that seems doubtful to you must be reported immediately. Also be cautious of the keyboard…if at all you find that the keyboard is different from what you have noticed till now and/or if the keyboard appears to be distorted or the numbers seem more projected than normal, then DO NOT USE THE ATM MACHINE…REPORT IMMEDIATELY.

Consumers need to be alert. Only then they can save their hard earned money.

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