Beyond Udaipur-Thief falls asleep with the stolen items in the temple

Beyond Udaipur-Thief falls asleep with the stolen items in the temple

Next time this thief is sure to be careful. He probably won't attempt theft in winters or take a good nap during the day to stay awake the whole night.
Beyond Udaipur-Thief falls asleep with the stolen items in the temple

-The incident occurred in Shajapur in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

-The thief demanded more of sleeping time when the cops woke him up the next morning.

Leaving aside all kinds of tensions and the heart rendering news, we are bringing you a piece of news which will make you laugh and laughter is certainly the best medicine.

This particular incident occurred in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Shajapur. The incident was quite a bit of fun for the police as well. The locals of the place say this was a miracle from the Goddess. And how is that, read on?

A thief entered Lalbai-Phulbai Mata temple in Shajapur with the intention of stealing. It was quite a cold night and he managed to break the locks and make his way into the temple. Here comes the hilarious part now. After collecting the valuables from the temple, the thief instead of escaping with the valuable goods,  sat on the bed inside and apparently he was so tired that he fell asleep.

After some time, the temple’s caretaker entered the temple and was shocked to see the thief snoring comfortably on the bed. He saw that the entire loot was right there next to the bed. The caretaker immediately informed the police. To the amusement of police, the thief was still sleeping when they reached the temple. To add to this fun, when the police somehow woke him up, the thief demanded more time for sleeping because it was too cold to move out. He was then arrested and taken to the police station.

The thief was so disoriented that he was not able to reveal his identity at the police station.  The locals said that this was the miracle from the Goddess that she saved the temple’s valuables. Supporting the miraculous incident, the caretaker also said that a similar incident had happened in the past where the thieves looted the temple but left everything back in the temple a few days later.

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