A village in Madhya Pradesh is actually home to several pythons

A village in Madhya Pradesh is actually home to several pythons

The colony near Mandla vilage has been named "ajgar dadar" . 

Thousands of pythons inhabit this area.

People from all over come to witness the presence of such a large number of pythons in one place.

A mere sight of a snake is enough to scare a person, forget about watching many at one place. And if it happens to be a huge size, a python actually, it is all the more scary. But there is a place where there are thousands of pythons in one place and people from almost all over India have been visiting this place just to witness the presence of this “colony” with their own eyes.

Mandla is a district in Madhya Pradesh which is home to thousands of pythons living in one place. Around 30 kms away from Mandla is a small village which is now known as “ajgar dadar(अजगर दादर) because it has become a colony of pythons.

The place where these pythons dwell is a hollow area spread over a 7 acre land. The hollow is almost 40 feet deep. The pythons move out of this area and come on the top most part for “sun-bath”. People have been rushing to experience the presence of these pythons as no one would have actually dreamt to seeing thousands of these huge reptiles together.

As per reports, this area has a story behind it. A massive flood occurred in 1926 and they say that the flood water washed away the land making it hollow. Gradually many creatures made this place their home. As the numbers of pythons increased, people named this place as “ajgar dadar”. The hollow land is home to squirrels, rabbits and rats as well. These animals became the prey of pythons and the python colony has since kept on increasing.

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