Fire in Surat’s coaching complex-21 dead

Fire in Surat’s coaching complex-21 dead

Pray for the lives lost in massive fire in Taxila Complex, Surat.


Fire in Surat’s coaching complex-21 dead

In one of the most heart rendering incident, 21 students lost their lives in a fire in one of the coaching complexes in Surat in Gujarat. Many students tried to save their lives by jumping from the building but lost.

Taxila Complex, Surat, faced massive fire due to short circuit. The building is 4 storeyed and reportedly the 4th floor is illegally built. As per reports 50 students were in the complex which houses some shops and coaching centres. It is located at the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. Fire started at the ground floor. Art classes were going on in the 2nd and 3rd floor of Taxila Complex. Many students died in the process of jumping from the 4th floor for saving themselves. There were 18 girls and 3 boys who died in the incident. When the students started jumping from the 4th floor, people even tried to catch them and saved almost 11 students. A man who runs a gym in the same building saved 4 children.

The fire erupted at 3:30 p.m. and fire brigade was informed within minutes. Reportedly, the fire fighting vehicles did not have water and had to go back to fill the tanks. This took 20 minutes and by then fire had taken a massive form. The fire brigade did not even have enough equipment to fight the situation and the ladder they carried also proved to be smaller.

The situation was so bad that even a stone-heart would cry after seeing the dead students. PM Modi has expressed his grief over the situation.

Let us all pray for the families of the students who are currently in shock.

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