Jeweller saves himself from robbery attempt

Jeweller saves himself from robbery attempt

Jeweller's courage saves him from getting robbed.

Jeweller saves himself from robbery attempt

A jeweller displayed a courageous act and saved himself from getting robbed at gun point. The attempt to robbery took place at Khemli which falls under Dabok area.

As reported by jeweller Rameshwar Lal, he was on his way home at the end of the day. After closing down his shop around 7 p.m., he left with jewellery worth almost 12 lakh rupees in his car. No sooner had he left, a bike and a car started following him. They made him stop his car and tried to rob him at gun point. The jeweller showed courage by trying to hit the attackers’ car for escaping. The attackers then broke the glasses of his car but he managed to drive away. The attackers followed him but when they saw a police jeep ahead, they left their car and sped off on the bike. Police has seized the car and is trying to search for the attackers.

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Investigations revealed that the car left at the spot by the attackers is a stolen one from Maharashtra. Residents and business men from the area are agitated with the fact that similar incidents have happened in the past and many people have been robbed.

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