OceanGate Co-Founder's Goal: 1,000 Humans to Venus by 2050

OceanGate Co-Founder's Goal: 1,000 Humans to Venus by 2050 

From Titan submersible tragedy to ambition

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According to a report by Business Insider, Guillermo Sohnlein, the co-founder of OceanGate, has set his sights on an ambitious project following the ill-fated Titanic submersible. He envisions a future where 1,000 humans will inhabit Venus' atmosphere by the year 2050. Sohnlein emphasized that his goal of establishing human colonies on Venus is not only motivational but also highly aspirational. He firmly believes that achieving this milestone is both challenging and feasible within the given timeframe. 

In a new endeavor separate from OceanGate, Guillermo Sohnlein, as the Founder and Chairman of Humans2Venus, is directing his efforts towards a remarkable vision. Established in 2020, Humans2Venus is dedicated to the ambitious goal of establishing a permanent human presence in the atmosphere of Venus. Alongside Dr. Khalid M. Al-Ali, the Co-Founder & Board of Directors, and Executive Director Rohith Muhundan, Sohnlein leads this pioneering company in its mission to send 1,000 humans to live on Venus by 2050. 

"Forget OceanGate. Forget Titan. Forget Stockton. Humanity could be on the verge of a big breakthrough and not take advantage of it because we, as a species, are gonna get shut down and pushed back into the status quo.” - he added.

According to Sohnlein's reference to research findings, there appears to be a narrow segment within Venus' atmosphere, situated approximately 30 miles above the planet's surface. In this particular region, temperatures and pressure are comparatively lower, hinting at the potential for human habitation. By focusing on this strategic zone, future endeavors to establish a permanent human presence on Venus could become feasible and offer new possibilities for sustainable living beyond our home planet.

Humans2Venus highlights four reasons for potential habitation: 

  •  Identical gravity to Earth
  • Favorable temperature range of 0-50°C, conducive to liquid water
  • Similar radiation protection as on Earth
  • Pressure approximately 1 bar / 1 ATM, akin to Earth at sea level
  • However, downsides include a primarily carbon dioxide atmosphere and clouds composed mostly of sulfuric acid.

Source: mint


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