Bhuwana-Pratapnagar Four-Lane Bypass Expansion Requires Additional Space

Bhuwana-Pratapnagar Four-Lane Bypass Expansion Requires Additional Space

The under-construction area from Bhuwana-Pratapnagar...

Pratapnagar Bypass

In the hilly region leading up to the Pratapnagar intersection, the road from the under-construction area from Bhuwana-Pratapnagar to the end of the bypass is gradually narrowing down to about 12 meters in width, just 100 meters before reaching the Pratapnagar intersection. This reduction in road width is posing a challenge as it hampers efforts to construct a drain and divider in this area. 

The narrowing road is creating difficulties in maintaining the necessary width, making it problematic to carry out the construction of essential infrastructure such as drains and dividers. The location, specifically around 100 meters before the Pratapnagar intersection, is presenting challenges in ensuring proper road development and management.

Efforts to address the issue and find solutions are essential to overcome the challenges posed by the narrowing road. It is crucial to address these concerns for the effective construction and development of the bypass, considering the topographical constraints in the hilly terrain. 

The road design includes a central divider that will be 1.5 meters wide, stretching across the entire 5.5-kilometer road. On both sides of this divider, there is a plan for a 10.90-meter-wide asphalt road. Additionally, on each side of the road, there will be a drainage line, each one meter wide. In total, the road will need a width of 25.3 meters as per the design.

On the other hand, around 100 meters from the Bhuwana intersection and close to the edge of the hilly area just before reaching the Pratapnagar intersection, the road is only 12 to 15 meters wide. On the Bhuwana side, there are houses on both sides of the hills. A road was made on the hills for the project, but it will be closed when the hills are cut. 

Construction Causing Difficulties

The dust is causing problems for everyone due to road construction by UDA engineers. The main issue is that the construction agency is not spraying water on the roads as required, leading to dust rising along with heavy vehicle wheels. This is troubling not only two-wheeler riders but also people living nearby. Incomplete work at various spots has increased the risk of accidents. There is also a dust problem on the sides of Chitrakoot Road. In the area near Sukhadia University, they are currently building drains along the edges. The traffic is affected from the returning wall on the Pratapnagar side to the ongoing construction on the other side. 

"As per the plan, we are revamping the Four Lane. The PD Core agency is responsible, ensuring quality work. A third-party agency, along with the contracting agency, is overseeing construction quality. UDA is also conducting quality checks. Talks are ongoing  to relocate lines and  to remove power towers. We aim to finish construction within the set timeframe." - Neeraj Mathur, XEN, UDA. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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