Biological Park's animals to enjoy dietary shift

Biological Park's animals to enjoy dietary shift

Wildlife diet transformation set for November in Biological Park


As the onset of winter approaches, the Forest Department has initiated a program for the special care and dietary adjustments of the wildlife residing in the Biological Park situated in Sajjangarh. This initiative, scheduled to begin in early November, aims to cater to the specific needs of the park's diverse animal population.

According to officials from the department, the current weather is experiencing a mild chill. When the daytime temperatures range between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, the animals' dietary preferences and nutritional requirements will be modified to ensure their well-being during the winter season. Dr. Hans Kumar Jain, a Senior Veterinary Officer, is overseeing this endeavor to provide the best care for the park's wildlife during the colder months.

He mentioned that, in order to maintain the bear's body temperature, a daily diet consisting of two eggs and milk will be provided. Additionally, they will receive 50-50 grams of honey and jaggery. During the summer season, the bear is given a daily serving of ice cream to help keep its body cool. However, starting from September, the bear's diet was modified, replacing the ice cream with milk.

Furthermore, in the diet of herbivorous animals such as Deer, Chital, Sambar, Blackbuck, and Chinkara, Cucumbers will be replaced with Carrots. The carnivorous animals will still receive their regular buffalo meat. In the event of illness during the winter, they will be given chicken as a special provision. Additionally, to shield the wildlife from the cold weather, grass will be placed inside their enclosures. To ensure protection from the winter chill, the shelters will be covered with sheets. 

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