Wrong technique of injection can result in a blood clot post covid jab

Wrong technique of injection can result in a blood clot post covid jab

The possibility of blood clotting due to wrong way of injecting  was warned by a member of IMA's  National Taskforce for Covid-19.
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As per the study, accidental intravenous injection can lead to post-vaccination thrombotic syndrome.

If the tip of the needle doesn't reach deep in the muscle, the vaccine can be directly injected into the bloodstream. 

Vaccination as a protection against Covid-19 has its side effects. These side effects are the common fever symptoms, pain in the arm, fatigue etc. These side effects go away with paracetamol and are not long lasting.  The side effects must not create fear and every citizen must go in for a jab.

Some recipients have also reported of blood clot post vaccination which became a concern across many countries. A member of IMA had warned of blood clots post vaccination some time back. Dr Rajeev Jayadevan a member of National Taskforce, IMA, had said that the wrong way of administering the vaccine can very possibly result in blood clots.

Dr Jayadevan had said that the faulty technique of injecting the vaccine is very likely to create blood clots. A study conducted in Munich University also highlighted the fact that accidental intravenous injection can lead to post vaccination thrombotic thrombocytopenic syndrome (TTS).

It was explained by Dr Jayadevan that when the tip of the needle doesn’t reach deep into the muscle or if it hits the blood vessel, the vaccine can get directly injected into the blood stream. This happens when the skin is pinched by an inadequately trained health worker as a result of which it reaches only the subcutaneous tissue. When that happens, not only is the vaccine not absorbed properly, but rarely it can hit one of the blood vessels that travel through the layer located between skin and muscle which contains a network of blood vessels.

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