Boats to operate from today for Nehru Garden

Boats to operate from today for Nehru Garden

Go boating to Nehru Garden from today.

Boats to operate from today for Nehru Garden

It has been 2 years and public and tourists were desperately waiting to go to Nehru garden via boats. Boating operations to Nehru Garden will commence today though the receding water level in lakes of Udaipur is quite a disappointing factor.

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The last boating session took place in January 2017. This was more than disappointing since the lakes were close to being full but public could not avail the facility of boating. Since the level of water has gone down, it may be a little difficult to carry on boating until next monsoons yet the operations are going to begin from today since the term of contract for the boating company begins today. The jetties outside Nehru Garden have been repaired and coloured to give a pleasing look. It may be noted that the boats will now operate only for Nehru Garden; the other boating facilities for Fatehsagar Lake will not be available any longer until August/September. The company in contract is Mewar Boating.

7 boats will be operated for Nehru Garden for which the following tariff has been finalised:

The ticket per person will be – 118/- for adults and 59/- for children (3 to 8 years) for luxury boat, normal boat tariff is at 59/- per adult and 30/- for children (3 to 8 years). The tariff is inclusive of GST.

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