Body of truck khalasi found-Dead for 13 days

Body of truck khalasi found-Dead for 13 days

A truck worker died when the dumper containing mud overturned on him.

Body of truck khalasi found-Dead for 13 days

A truck khalasi was found dead under a heap of mud in Dakan Kotda area. The body was discovered after 13 days when labour working in a brick kiln reported of bad smell coming from the kiln.

When labour smelt something bad while working, they thought that it was some dead animal lying in that area. They started removing the pile of mud from where the smell was coming and discovered a human dead body underneath. Seeing a dead body of a man created terror in the area. Police were informed who took out the body buried under the massive heap. The dead man has been identified as Rajesh, a truck khalasi(worker) who used to work in a truck dumper with driver and owner Hakra Meena. Case has been registered against the dumper driver.

Rajesh died when the dumper overturned on him while the driver was reversing the truck. As a result of overturn, the dumper’s content fell on Rajesh and he died under its weight. Driver Hakra Meena ran away from the spot leaving the dumper there itself. The next day, he returned to the site with a crane for lifting the dumper but did not mention a word about Rajesh.

Since Rajesh had gone missing for around 13 days, his family members even asked the driver about Rajesh. The driver did not respond, after which the family members reported about missing Rajesh in police station. They even appealed to SP in this matter.

After learning about this accident, Rajesh’s family members suspected foul play. They claimed that the driver has murdered Rajesh. A police team has been appointed at Rajesh’s house to keep the matter in control.

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