Brand comparison | Blue Star AC vs Voltas AC Pros and Cons

Brand comparison | Blue Star AC vs Voltas AC Pros and Cons

In order to simply your buying process, here are some necessary aspects to pay heed to before you make the purchase.

Brand comparison | Blue Star AC vs Voltas AC Pros and Cons

India’s air conditioner market is one of the fastest-growing sectors due to the ever-present consumer demand. Factors like global warming and rising disposable income are some primary reasons behind the enormous growth of this market that is anticipated to surpass $11 billion by 2023 in India.

Over the years, both residential and commercial spaces have also been expanded, which has further fuelled the demand for such products. This has led established brands to develop more varieties under different price ranges to perfectly meet the customer requirements. However, amidst numerous choices, it gets challenging to choose between traditional options like Blue Star AC models and Voltas Air Conditioners.

In order to simplify the process, here are some necessary aspects to pay heed to before you make the purchase.

What to expect from Blue Star air conditioners?

Since India experiences tropical climate across most parts, AC has become a necessity in most modern homes. Blue Star inevitably focuses on eco-friendliness and energy efficiency to enable customers to use the appliance without any concerns. Apart from these factors, a few more characteristics can be found in the Blue Star AC models:

  • PCT or Precision Cooling Technology: Aspects like electronic expansion valve, multiple sensors, and smart processor, are the base of the Precision Cooling Technology that controls the AC and helps in cooling in decimals. While the electronic expansion valve helps to elevate the effectiveness of the coveted cooling, other features help to perfectly control the AC temperature.
  • Air filtration system: This filtration system is also equipped with auto-clean functionality that also helps to trap the dust particles, prevents bacterial growth and unpleasant odour, etc. Moreover, this feature makes sure that your room is comfortable at all times.
  • Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor: This technology further boosts the cooling efficiency and increases or decreases the power according to the external temperature. A compressor jacket is also present to mitigate the sound levels and provide you with a refreshing, low-noise and pleasant atmosphere.

Cons present in Blue Star AC:

Apart from the relatively high-power consumption, this particular range does not possess any such disadvantages. However, some advanced features like WiFi-direct connectivity, anti-mosquito technology, etc., are also absent here.

What to expect from Voltas AC?

Voltas has been reigning on the Indian market from the post-independence era and has grown drastically due to its versatility and brand value. Apart from that, here are some more notable features you can find in Voltas AC:

  • Dehumidification mode: This specific feature helps to avert overcooling and manage high humidity during monsoons. Perfectly works on soaking up the moisture from the air and makes sure your room does not suffer from the damping.
  • Copper Condenser: As known by all, copper can transfer the heat in a better way compared to the aluminium. That makes it more durable and low-maintenance, and same goes with the Voltas AC.
  • Inverter Compressor: Not only it controls the power depending on the outer temperature but also offers silent operation throughout the day. There is a balance of speed and power in the compressor which further provides a pleasant cooling atmosphere.

Cons present in Voltas AC

Voltas ACs tends to burn a significant amount of power, which can increase your overall electric consumption.

Both Blue Star AC and Voltas air conditioners offer a wide range of models for those with limited disposable income. Although utilising the benefits of financing options like Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, one can easily purchase these products. Not only you get to choose flexible repayment facilities but also your preferred e-commerce sites to pick your favourite models from.

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