BREAKING-School student attempts suicide|Saved by a 19 year old girl

BREAKING-School student attempts suicide|Saved by a 19 year old girl

The student who attempted suicide by jumping into Fatehsagar is in the 6th grade.
BREAKING-School student attempts suicide|Saved by a 19 year old girl
Harassment and depression push a student towards ending his life. He was saved by a 19 year old girl who prevented him from jumping into the lake.

A 6th grade student attempted suicide on Saturday evening. The student was in depression after being harassed by fellow students and a lot of scolding from the father. The student was so tired of the comments from classmates and his own father's attitude that he  resorted to end his life. On Saturday evening he tried to jump into the lake to put an end to all the troubles that he has faced over the period of time. 

Priyanshi Vasita, the girl who prevented the student from jumping into the lake

A 12th grade student Priyanshi Vasita was at Fatehsagar on Saturday evening. She was about to return home when she noticed this child at Fatehsagar pal near one of the domes. He was wearing school uniform and had the school bag on his back. The moment he attempted to jump in the lake, Priyanshi rushed and pulled his bag from behind and stopped him from jumping . There were some people at the pal but at a distance. Priyanshi asked the child what he was up to. He said that he wanted to die. She took the child to her own residence and made him have food. Then they went to the police station where his parents were called.

Priyanshi was at the police station until 2 a.m. but the child refused to go back with the parents. He stayed with Priyanshi and her brother. The next morning the child was taken to the Child Welfare Committee. 

The child's father said that he has no idea what put the child into the state of extreme tension. He also added that the child had left his home once earlier and was found at a relative's house. When the child was counselled, he said that everybody hated him and made fun of his looks. Even the teachers used to scold him. No one would pay heed to the child at home and he felt too neglected and depressed and did not want to get back home.

Experts say that the parents need to pay attention to their kids. Now-a-days the children have become over sensitive. The issues they put up must be dealt with extreme care. Lack of communication or improper attitude of parents and teachers push a child into depression. 

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