Bribe case-Head constable possesses crores of assets

Bribe case-Head constable possesses crores of assets

Malamaal Maliram- the head constable who took bribe.

Bribe case-Head constable possesses crores of assets

What a rich man he is!! The head constable who has recently been nabbed by ACB is a case of bribery turns out to be an extremely rich man and this has been revealed by the tons of assets that he possesses.

The ACB team went to head constable Maliram’s residence and found original documents related to of properties. These documents mention that both the buyer and seller will sign registry and power of attorney of the property only on Maliram’s instructions.

  • Blank stamp papers in the name of poor villagers have been obtained from his house. These stamp papers bear thumb impressions of the people forced by Maliram.
  • A diary and a register have also been found which bear the details of transactions of cash and property dealings.
  • Most of the property documents belong to Gameti community. There are agreements in the name of relatives on stamps of 100 and 500 rupees each. On the back side of the agreement paper, the buyer and seller have written that the transaction amount has been given by Maliram.
  • There are some documents which have been previously signed but bear the declaration by the land owner that Maliram paid for the property.
  • Basically all documents state that Maliram paid for the property or he lent money to someone or the other.
  • It has also been observed that Maliram had a good tie-up with property agents and he took advantage of the disputed properties of the poor, the illiterate and the widows.
  • Some documents relating to transport business of his own family members have also been found by the ACB.

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