Cab drivers cancel rides, demand higher fares in Udaipur

Cab drivers cancel rides, demand higher fares in Udaipur

These days, when you book a cab, the fare is usually lower

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These are just a few instances, but at Udaipur Airport, nearly every traveler is facing issues with cab drivers who make arbitrary demands. Travelers are using a mobile app to book cab or bike rides. These cab and bike drivers agree to the bookings and even arrive at the passenger's location. However, once they reach the destination, they decline to transport the passenger at the location indicated in the app. Subsequently, these cab drivers are applying pressure on passengers to accept higher fares. In certain situations, passengers find themselves compelled to agree to these inflated rates. What's happening is that the drivers are canceling the initial bookings and then charging passengers higher fees for the ride. 

When the cab drivers were questioned regarding this practice, they explained that when the cab services were initially introduced in the city a few years ago, drivers used to receive payments commensurate with the level of service they provided. However, as these ride-sharing companies started experiencing financial losses, they reduced the payments to the drivers.

These days, when you book a cab, the fare is usually lower. However, cab drivers tend to charge fares based on their own judgment rather than the app's quoted price. According to passengers, cab drivers initially agree to pick them up when called, but later on, disagreements arise about the fare. Often, when passengers decline to pay more than the agreed price, cab drivers threaten to cancel the ride, leaving passengers without the convenience of a cab when they need it. Furthermore, additional cancellation charges are applied.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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