"CAPITAL" Punishment for Anarchy and Communalism | AAP secures a Clean Sweep

"CAPITAL" Punishment for Anarchy and Communalism | AAP secures a Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep for Enterprising Development over the Politics of Hate
"CAPITAL" Punishment for Anarchy and Communalism | AAP secures a Clean Sweep

AAP Candidates Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Saurabh Bhardwaj, Satyendra Jain, Amanatullah Khan, Somnath Bharti, Atishi victorious

AAP defectors Kapil Mishra, Tejinder Pal Bagga, Arvinder Lovely, Alka Lamba lose

Results of the Delhi election declared today are a precursor on things to come in future.  More than a clean sweep victory for the ruling AAP party in Delhi, it is an indication of the choice made by informed voters.  Choose visible development and citizen empowerment over the politics of hate.

With the final results - AAP winning 62 seats and BJP winning 8, the Congress and JD (U) are not even anywhere in the picture.  AAP has got majority and BJP is preparing itself to be the party in opposition with whatever miniscule numbers they have garnered.  Congress, which ruled Delhi for 15 years with an exemplary leader in the form of Sheila Dixit, were unable to even break a point in the tally. Leaders missing.

After losing Maharashtra and Jharkhand elections late last year, this was the third straight setback for BJP.  Delhi recorded a voter turnout of 62.59% on 8 February.

Around 12 hours before the final count went live, Manoj Tiwari of BJP had tweeted “I am not nervous. I am confident that it will be a good day for BJP. We are coming to power in Delhi”.  However, this turned out to be the FIFTH straight assembly election loss for India’s ruling party.

Political commentators in Udaipur have expressed their opinion saying that this election result, more than being the victory of AAP that it fully deserved, is more of a loss to the Modi-Shah platform.  BJP took up the election in the name of Modinomics rather than project a viable leader.  The BJP strategist removed Manoj Tiwari as the projected Chief Ministerial candidate and instead allegedly misused the police while playing on the politicization of religion.  This is the loss of all the Ministers, MPs  and the 11 Chief Ministers of the BJP.

"Delhi people have given me a gift, could not have asked for a better gift. There was anxiety, several ups and downs were going on. We trusted our work. Delhi has made 'kaam' (work) victorious," Sunita Kejriwal.

Political commentators further add that it is the victory of democracy over anarchy and the victory of secularism over communalism.  The BJP had left no stone unturned in deploying laws from  divisive perspective and this has resulted in the people of the Capital rejecting them across Delhi. The Congress stuck to political strategies, that went in favour of AAP.

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