Chain snatching incident on early Sunday morning

Chain snatching incident on early Sunday morning

Chain snatching incident early morning at Fatehpura.

Chain snatching incident on early Sunday morning

An old couple became the victim of chain snatchers early morning on Sunday. The couple Dayal Singh Chhajer (85) and Pan Kunwar Chhajer (80) were on their routine morning walk schedule on Sunday at 7:15. When they reached Fatehpura crossing, the old man was given a push by 2 men who came from behind on a bike after which he fell on the ground. Then they snatched the gold chain from the old lady’s neck and tried to run away. The lady tried to stop the chain snatchers but they went to the extent of hitting her as well. Then the 2 men escaped.

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The old man tried to contact one of his acquaintances who did not respond to the call. Then he dialled 100 and informed police about the incident. The old couple got injured specifically the old man who suffered injuries on both elbows and knees. The old lady mentioned that everyone in the family is in a shock after the incident. Moving out after dark was already unsafe, but now moving out during daylight has also become difficult. People feel insecure and most of them have even stopped going out for walks. The goons are targeting the aged people as they get somewhat physically weak and helpless.

Police patrol is needed in Fatehpura constantly. Though the police station is just round the corner, yet lack of police patrol is responsible for the miscreants moving around fearlessly. The area is a tourist spot but since there is no proper security here tourists also suffer at the hands of criminals.

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