Children'sPark to come up at Sandol Mata Eco Park

Children'sPark to come up at Sandol Mata Eco Park

The park is also developing ziplining and water roller adventures

Sandol Mata Park

The Forest Department is working on a significant renovation project for Sandol Mata Park, situated 45 kilometers away from the city. This project has received a generous budget allocation of Rs 90 lakhs from the government. The comprehensive renovation plan encompasses various enhancements, such as the development of an eco-trail encircling the park, restoration of the river bridge, the construction of a watchtower, and the establishment of a children's park akin to Love kush Vatika.

At present, the park is gearing up for exciting tourist activities, including ziplining and water roller adventures. A remarkable 650-meter zipline has been installed, spanning between two hills. Extending from July to November, Udaipur experiences the highest surge in tourist arrivals, making it the prime time for visitors to enjoy these thrilling activities.

In addition to these improvements, there will be a concerted effort to ensure the maintenance of the guesthouse, making it more conducive for tourists to stay and explore the natural beauty of the area. Furthermore, the project includes the creation of a dedicated selfie point, allowing visitors to capture their memorable moments within the park. To cater to events and gatherings, there will be upgrades made to the conference hall facilities.

This holistic renovation project aims to not only preserve the natural beauty of Sandol Mata Park but also enhance the overall visitor experience, making it an attractive destination for both tourists and local residents.

Following the completion of these park improvements along the Udaipur-Gujarat route, there is an optimistic expectation of a surge in tourism. An embankment has been constructed within the park; however, issues have arisen due to damage sustained by the park's gate and wall, resulting in water seepage. An allocation of Rs 25 lakhs has been earmarked for the repair of these damages. The embankment, initially filled with soil sourced from hilly areas, is now in the process of being excavated. This action will enhance the park's water storage capacity significantly.

Tenders have been released for the embankment's repair, and work is slated to commence once the relevant code of conduct is adhered to. Presently, the river's water level is at a low ebb, which is adversely affecting water roller activities. To address this issue, restoration efforts are underway for two additional embankments downstream along the river.

These developments are expected to not only restore the park's infrastructure but also improve its overall appeal, making it a more enticing destination for tourists and visitors. 

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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