Chittorgarh 28 October 2023 Latest News Updates

Chittorgarh 28 October 2023 Latest News Updates

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News- School roof plaster collapse injures student during lunch 

At a government school in Bhadesar, the ceiling plaster in a classroom collapsed. During this incident, three students were having lunch in the classroom. Two of them narrowly avoided being struck by the falling plaster, but a young girl sustained injuries. After receiving initial medical treatment at the hospital, she was sent home. It is reported that when the plaster fell, all the other students in the class were outside having lunch. This is not the first time such an incident has occurred in the school; two years ago, a similar incident happened when the plaster outside the prayer hall fell, and regrettably, the school has yet to carry out the necessary repairs.

At around 1:30 PM in the Sri Manikyalal Verma Government Primary School in Bhadesar, lunchtime was in progress. In the ninth-grade classroom, there were 77 students. During lunchtime, all the students except for three were outside the classroom. Inside, the three students were having their lunch when suddenly a piece of plaster from the ceiling fell near them.

Fortunately, all three students narrowly escaped any harm, but a girl named Saraswati, a resident of Nikumbh Niwas, got injured. Upon hearing her scream, the teachers and other students rushed inside the classroom and found Saraswati in a wounded state. She was immediately taken to the hospital, where she received treatment and was later sent home. The other two students, Kiran Mali and Prince Raj Singh, were shifted to a different classroom along with the rest of the students. Thankfully, they didn't sustain any injuries.


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