Collector inaugurates long-awaited Chorus Trio and RO Machines at MB Hospital

Collector inaugurates long-awaited Chorus Trio and RO Machines at MB Hospital

District Collector praised CM's dedication in improving medical services for the welfare of the people...


On Monday 17 July, 2023, District Collector Arvind Poswal and TAD Commissioner Tarachand Meena gathered at the MB Hospital premises. They came together to commemorate the memory of Smt. Sarita Kevaliya by inaugurating a RO water purifier and cooler machine. This thoughtful gift was generously provided by her husband and Lions Club Udaipur Elite. Subsequently, both officials proceeded to the Central Lab, where they unveiled the eagerly anticipated Chorus Trio machine. This machine, which was a generous contribution from the Jain Social Group, had been highly awaited.

During the event, several esteemed individuals were in attendance, including RNT Principal Dr. Vipin Mathur, Former Principal Dr. Lakhan Poswal, MB Hospital Superintendent Dr. R. L. Suman, and other medical officers. During the inauguration of the Chorus Trio machine, representatives from the Jain Social Group and the Lions Club, along with their respective office bearers, were present. They attended the event alongside other dignitaries.

The availability of the Chorus Trio machine at Maharana Bhupal Hospital now enables the facility to conduct a wide range of specialized tests on-site. Dr. Vipin Mathur, the Principal of RNT Medical College, provided details about the machine, highlighting that it was installed with the intention of Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot to ensure that all tests in government hospitals are conducted in-house. The installation of this machine aligns with that vision.

The Corus Trio machine offers the capability to perform tests for various rare diseases, including Rheumatology, Vasculitis, Pediatric Panel, Gastroenterology and Thrombosis, among others. It encompasses around 100 autoimmune and infection parameters, eliminating the need to send samples abroad for these tests.

In his address following the inauguration of the Chorus Trio machine, District Collector Arvind Poswal expressed his gratitude for commencing his tenure in Udaipur by witnessing such remarkable advancements in healthcare. He acknowledged the relentless efforts of the state government in expanding healthcare facilities and shared that the Chief Minister is personally dedicated to improving medical services for the welfare of the people. The Chiranjeevi Yojana has established Rajasthan as a model state in the healthcare domain nationwide. Given this context, Collector Arvind Poswal pledged to maximize efforts in the medical field within the Udaipur district. He also commended the exceptional work accomplished by former Collector Tarachand Meena in the healthcare sector, openly acknowledging his contributions.

TAD Commissioner Tarachand Meena emphasized the Chief Minister's strong commitment to the well-being of the general public, particularly their health. He shared that healthcare holds significant personal importance to the Chief Minister, evident through his four visits to the RNT campus in the past six months. The Chief Minister has also provided valuable gifts to RNT and effectively resolved a major issue concerning the Zanana Hospital. The construction of the new Zanana Hospital will greatly alleviate the burden on healthcare services, benefiting a large number of patients. Commissioner Tarachand Meena expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the TAD Commissioner and pledged to dedicate his time wholeheartedly to rural areas, recognizing the importance of prioritizing their needs.


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