Cold waves are troublesome for school children

Cold waves are troublesome for school children

People are resorting to room heaters at home but the trouble is that of school going children. 
Cold waves are troublesome for school children
Cold waves are blowing and the school going children cannot find any relief as they spend the entire day in school where they do not get a good chance of basking in the sun. This situation is bad for their heath. 

Cold waves are troubling the masses again both in the mornings and evenings. Has anyone even though about the school going children?

Public is resorting to room heaters for comfort from the cold, but what about the school going children? They leave home in the morning and return when the sun is almost gone. The children are not getting a good time in the sun which is necessary and a much needed thing in the winter season.

The mornings and evenings are chilled as cold waves blow the entire day. Room heaters are a big comfort, but the children who leave for school in the morning hours and get back only by afternoon do not get to enjoy the sun's heat. This is resulting in bad health. 

On Friday the maximum temperature recorded was 21 degrees and the minimum was at 9 degrees. Children shiver in the schools and are suffering from health issues. Clouds cover the sky frequently and woolen clothes are not enough. Children need to be protected as the chill is going to grow until Maha Shivratri which is on 21st February. With hands freezing and bodies shivering, children are finding it difficult to concentrate on their studies.  

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