District Collector advises UIT to protect Udaipur's hills

District Collector advises UIT to protect Udaipur's hills

Not to allow any type of construction on mountains and hills...

ban construction on mountains

Following a directive from the Rajasthan High Court, District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal has issued stringent instructions to the officials of the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT). These instructions are aimed at intensifying efforts to combat the rampant and unlawful deforestation of hills and mountains in the region. Collector Poswal has conveyed his firm instructions to UIT Secretary Sawan Kumar, emphasizing the need for immediate action against the unlawful deforestation of mountains. He underscored the critical role played by mountains and lakes in Udaipur's ecosystem, referring to them as the city's lifeline. The burgeoning tourism industry owes much of its success to the natural beauty offered by these mountains and lakes, making their preservation paramount.

Furthermore, Collector Poswal highlighted the broader significance of mountains and forests in human life, accentuating their ecological and environmental importance. To address the ongoing issue of illegal mountain felling, new regulations are being formulated. The situation has deteriorated significantly over the past decade, with mountains enduring continuous degradation due to these illicit activities.

In this particular case, on August 25, a division bench of the High Court, comprising Justice Vijay Vishnoi and Justice Yogendra Kumar Purohit, issued a significant order. The court's directive explicitly prohibits the construction of any form of buildings, resorts, motels, and similar structures within the jurisdiction of Udaipur. This restriction is enforced under the hill bye-laws that have been officially notified by the state government.

The court has granted the government the flexibility to revise or modify the current hill bye-laws. However, it's important to note that any changes to these regulations must receive prior approval from the High Court before they can be officially implemented. Presently, efforts are underway to undertake these revisions.

It is worth mentioning that the High Court has consistently provided stringent directives to the government concerning the preservation of the city's lakes and mountains.



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