Complications associated with Covid-19

Complications associated with Covid-19

Scientists have pointed out that there are some complications that may arise even after a patient has recovered from Covid.
covid complications

There seems to be quite a long list of complications that a covid-recovered patient can face and which may also have a long-term effect. 

Tiredness, dizziness, pounding heart are just a few of those complications.

Covid-19 has had an extremely bad effect on the health of people. Those who have suffered and those who are attending to their family members who have just recovered know the pain caused by this virus. Scientists have been studying a lot regarding this and have pointed out that there is an ever increasing list of complications post covid recovery. These complications can also have a long-term effect on the patients.

People who have recovered from Covid-19 are experiencing different kinds of symptoms especially those who have had a long Covid which can happen to anyone who has had Covid symptoms or even to the asymptomatic people. People are being observed with symptoms like brain-fogging, tiredness or fatigue, loss of taste or smell/ or both, pounding heart, shortness of breath cough, joint pain, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, fever, loss of concentration power etc.

Multi-organ failure has also been experienced in some people post recovery. These failures may not be affecting the entire body but it has affected the heart, brain, kidney, lungs in many patients. It is still not known how long these symptoms last and whether they could lead to a chronic health issue.

Respiratory complications (lungs) have been observed the most. Patients have also reported of reduced physical movement or lack of exercise as the muscles have been affected too much to tolerate any physical activity. Apart from these, fungal infections have affected the masses post the 2nd wave of Covid-19.

Even diabetes has been seen as a post-Covid complication in some of the patients. Brain fogging has also taken its toll on the patients and some of the patients have gone into delirium. The only good part is that some of the patients’ delirium symptoms faded when they went back home from the hospital.

The only thing every family needs to take care of is that there may be more and more symptoms with long-term effects which have not yet been recorded. Each one of us needs to be extra vigilant and not lose our cool when handling such patients. Covid-19 is a big issue, a kind which we have not experienced before, and we must all be mentally prepared for more to come and more to handle.  

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