Operational swings and shops despite Diwali fair closure

Operational swings and shops despite Diwali fair closure

Contractor to pay Rs 33 Lakh extra...

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The Diwali fair in the municipal area extended beyond November 16, violating the terms of the tender. Simultaneously, the tender issued on October 4 for 9 swings and the conditions outlined in number 13 for temporary shops clearly specified that the operation of swings and shops with entertainment equipment would not be permitted after November 16. The contractor faces financial consequences for non-compliance, amounting to a substantial extra sum due to the extended operation of the fair beyond the specified date.

If the contractor fails to adhere to these conditions, a proportional amount of approximately Rs 11 lakh per day, totaling Rs 59 lakh, will be levied for the 15-day fair. In this calculation, an additional amount of approximately Rs 33 lakh is extra. In accordance with number 3 of the tender, the bid security (heritage) amount is explicitly outlined for refund only upon the fair's conclusion, complete payment deposition and vacating the land on the specified date. Furthermore, failure to adhere to these conditions results in the confiscation of the heritage amount.

Contrastingly, Municipal Officials have remained silent regarding the fair's continuation beyond the stipulated duration for several days. However, on Monday, November 20, the process of closing the shops was been initiated. 

It is important to highlight that the Municipal Corporation invited tenders on October 4, but the tenders were opened after the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct. Consequently, due to the Model Code of Conduct, the Municipal Corporation refrained from issuing any work orders. In connection with this issue, objections were raised not only from the Jaipur headquarters but also from the contractor's side regarding the organization of the fair.

On October 30, 2023 the Municipal Corporation deposited the tender demand amounts into its account, which included Rs 69,7000 for swings and Rs  90,0,700 lakh for shops, in accordance with the specified amounts in the tender. It was a stipulated condition to deposit the remaining amount before the conclusion of the fair.

As per the tender conditions, the municipality explicitly stated that swings should be installed, with the exception of the open gym within the premises. Regrettably, the contractor disregarded this condition and went further by installing a track for a children's train above the open gym.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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