82 COVID Patients Discharged across Rajasthan, 95% Home Quarantine Patients out of danger in Udaipur

82 COVID Patients Discharged across Rajasthan, 95% Home Quarantine Patients out of danger in Udaipur

55 new cases in Rajasthan takes states tally of positives up to 1131
82 COVID Patients Discharged across Rajasthan, 95% Home Quarantine Patients out of danger in Udaipur

CMHO, Udaipur Dr Dinesh Kharade informed today that as of 16 April, 95% of people under Home Quarantine have completed their tenure and are out of the monitoring zone. Statistics delivered by various districts across Rajasthan showed that 82 infected people have been discharged after being treated.


Of the 78,951 people in Home Quarantine in Udaipur due to a number of reasons, 75,303 have been released from the restrictions of quarantine, after they showed no symptoms that would have needed them to take the Coronavirus test. 3,648 patients are still under Home Quarantine as the required period is yet to get over.

Dr Dinesh informed that as of 16 April, the maximum people who were kept under Home Quarantine, belonged to Salumber. Of the 15,382 people who were under Home Quarantine from Salumber, only 77 have yet to complete their tenure. Restrictions on the remaining have been removed. He also informed that over the total number of 78,951  people taken into Home Quarantine till date, 753 had a travel history to the infected countries. Of these, only 7 are still in Home Quarantine. These are the tabular details of area wise Home Quarantine numbers within Udaipur district, as provided by the Office of the Chief Medical and Health Officer, Udaipur District, Dr Dinesh Kharade.

In another update provided by the CMHO, the total bed in Quarantine in the district are 14,771 of which 4,346 beds are available with hospitals, and 10,425 beds are with other institutions.

2,566 Survey teams are out in various parts of Udaipur district. The total number of homes covered in the screening survey today is 44,127 taking the total to 13,35,9775 homes consolidated covered in the screening survey by these teams till today. The survery teams screened 1,89,950 individuals today for ILI symptoms, of which 1,542 were found to have treatable ILI symptoms with none having breathlessness or Pneumonia.  Of the 7,766 patients screened in OPD at MB Hospital and satellite units today, 1,407 were found to have ILI symptoms, with none having Pneumonia or breathlessness.


Reports from across districts in Rajasthan show that 164 COVID patients have recovered and 82 of those have been sent home. Of the 40,778 samples tested, only 1,131 have tested positive, which is 3%. 5,911 samples have yet to present the final report. However a 3%  positive sample rate is very encouraging and goes to show the proactive assessment of the situation by the Rajasthan government as well as the resilience of the people of the state.  Todays positive cases were mainly from Bharatpur (23), Jodhpur (11) and Tonk (11), with Jaipur taking its tally up to 486 after adding 3 more positives today. Kota and Jhunjhunu added 2 each to their tally to make it 86 and 35 positives respectively.  One positive case each in Ajmer, Bikaner and Nagaur, took the states tally of positive cases up to 1,131, due to 55 additions today.

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