Couple arrested-Cheating in the name of marriage

Couple arrested-Cheating in the name of marriage

A fraud couple has been arrested for cheating in the name of marriages.

Couple arrested-Cheating in the name of marriage

A couple has been arrested for duping people by extracting money in the name of marriages.The couple would arrange marriages which were actually fake and the most of brides would run away with valuables in less than 6 months after marriage.

They have already conducted 10 marriages in Udaipur and Dungarpur. Their racket is active in the district for the past 2-3 years. The couple Pawan Kumar and his wife Mamta(who is basically from Karnataka) were arrested from Tidi bus stand when they were on their way to fix another matrimonial alliance.

A report was lodged by Anil Jain of Jawar Mines against this couple. Anil’s younger brother Ashok got married in July 2017 to a girl from Belgaon from Karnataka. The fraud couple had taken 5 lakh rupees from Ashok’s family for this marriage. The bride Maitravati stayed with her husband for 3 months and escaped with valuables. She is still being searched for.

As per police investigations, Pawan and Mamta (Mashaf Bano) had a love marriage. They are being interrogated about the brides as to where they belong to and where they are now. More details are being expected in this case.

Until now, this fraud couple has arranged all marriages in Jain community. They used to find all details of Jain boys and after contacting them would sweet-talk the families into matrimonial alliances. Then marriages would be arranged with the young girls accompanying their racket. These girls used to run away in less than 3 or 6 months. Many families did not lodge any complaint for fear of society.

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