COVID19 Not from a Lab, Animal Virus again!

COVID19 Not from a Lab, Animal Virus again!

COVID 19 Not from a Lab Animal Virus Again

by: Ashish Kalra | BS(UT Austin), Masters(Cornell), MBA(University of Chicago)

The COVD19 Pandemic has been devastating. It has killed nearly 3.4 million people around the world, and spread to over 220 countries. In this article,  explain why the Wuhan strain is from an Animal Virus, and not from a Lab ! Second, the Variants are caused by different Animals (Vaccine YES, but will solve only 50% of the Problem, Times of India, Ashish Kalra, May 15, 2021).

  1. Dr Embark's recent WHO trip helps validate the above. Dr Rasmussen at Georgetown's piece in Nature Medicine provides further corroboration on this.
  2. SYMPTOMS :From the Chart below, symptoms of Humans EATING Pigs, Chicken and Bats - causes major complications. Now symptoms of Humans suffering from SARS, MERS & Corona is the SAME - severe acute respiratory syndrome. Second reason that the Virus has NOT come from a Wuhan Lab ! Human Consumption of Pangolin/Badger this time; not Civets in the case of SARS (2003, China). Different Animal. Same Conclusion.

COVID 19 Not from a Lab Animal Virus Again

  1. Nicholas Wade in "Origin of COVID19" in Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, states "Scientists overwhelmingly conclude" that this coronavirus originated in Wildlife". He cites evidence on why the Virus has come from Animals, and not from a Lab. First, he cites highly rated scientists/virologists at the Scripps Institute that the "virus must have arisen by natural selection, not manipulation". Wade cites "Research would have calculated the strongest possible fit between the Human ACE2 receptor and the Spike Protein with which the virus latches onto it. Then they would design the Spike protein accordingly, by selecting the string of Amino Acids that compose it". Anderson comes to the conclusion, that the SARS2 Spike Protein is not of the calculated best design, and hence it cannot be "manipulated". This is the BEST evidence of the above.
  2. Dr Angie Rasmussen (Georgetown University) - noted Scientist also in a recent article in Nature Medicine validates COVID19 has come from Natural sources.
  3. The Virus has come from Human Consumption of a Bat infected mammal. Page,WSJ,Feb 9"Coronavirus likely came from a Mammal, not a Laboratory"

COVID 19 Not from a Lab Animal Virus Again

A. THEORY OF ANIMAL VIRUSES :[A-H] +[H-H Transmission] raise to N

ANIMAL VIRUSES driven by Human Consumption of Animals for the last 80-100 years. Mad Cow Disease was caused due to Human consumption of CATTLE, H5N1 Virus due to Human Consumption of Chiicken (Source: CDC), the Recent H5N8 Virus in RUSSIA (See Gorman, New York Times, "Recent Bird Flu Jumps to Humans, April 21). Prof Lucey, reputed Professor of Pandemics at Georgetown University, mentions "H5N8 is of concern". This is very important.

COVID 19 Not from a Lab Animal Virus Again


According to Top Virologists, Dr Stanley Perlman and Anthony Fehr, "Coronaviruses : a review of their Replication and Pathogenesis" (National Library of Medicine)- Coronaviruses cause a variety of Diseases in Mammals & Birds, ranging from Enteritis in COWS & PIGS, upper respiratory disease in CHICKENS These findings are from the Top Virologists in the World. KEY.Variants are caused by the Mega-Multiplier effects of Human Consumption of these Animals. Not from thin air. My hypothesis is that the Variant B1617 (India variant) is caused due to Human Consumption of Chicken. There is Animal-Human Transmission (A-H) and then Human to Human (H-H Transmission) and then (Human-Human Transmission) raise to N. This has happened with several Animal Viruses with (Human to Human Transmission) raise to N- Nipah (1997) Ebola (Bats,1997 &2013), Swine Flu Pandemic (2009)SARS (Civets, 2003), MERS (Camels,2004) & now COVID19.


There was the Deadly Avian Flu in 1959 in China (H2N2) Virus which was caused due to Human Consumption of Ducks (Source: Center for Disease Control). By the time the second wave had ended, the Virus had infected between 250million to a billion people & killed between 1-4 million people (Source : The CoronaVirus, Dr Rajesh Parikh, 2020). Same thing with SARS. Different Animal = Civets in SARS (2002/2003). Same thing with MERS (Camels, 2012/13). Human consumption of Civets. Schematic shown below explains the (H-H Transmission)

COVID 19 Not from a Lab Animal Virus Again


Passenger (Pngolin in Wine Sauce) carries the Virus, then spreads it to 60 other passengers on the Plane to New York/Europe/Iran & another 50 people at the Airport; so 3000 people , each passes it on to 100 people each, so now 300,000 people have got the Virus. Spreads Exponentially. See :"Optimization of the Virus" ( )There is Animal-Human Transmission (A-H) & then (Human-Human Transmission) raise to N.The Virus spreads Human Mouth to Mouth. Over very short distances (Aerosol Transmission), could be upto 3m. This helps the Virus spread faster. Exponential. Not Linear. This is the Design of the Virus to affect as many Humans as possible. If the Passenger from Wuhan was to spread it to just say 6 people (who die subsequently), no one would have cared and we would have kept doing performing wrong action. DISRUPTION OF THE ANIMAL FOOD CHAIN IS NECESSARY & CRITICAL (as shown below).


WHY NOT GET RID OF BATS : Bats are an INTEGRAL part of the ANIMAL ECOSYSTEM. They eat harmful mosquitoes and pollinate over 500 Flowers.

COVID 19 Not from a Lab Animal Virus Again

F. CONCLUSION :Human Beings and Animals are Different Ecosystems. Animals have "Natural inbuilt mechanisms" to PROTECT themselves from Human Consumption. Human Beings CANNOT encroach on the Animal Ecosystem.

BOTTOMLINE : Human Beings CANNOT encroach on the Animal Ecosystem. Different Ecosystem. Deadly Animal Viruses emerge. Obey the Design of Life.

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