The 9th CPA India region conference to convene in Udaipur

The 9th CPA India region conference to convene in Udaipur

The conference will be held in the Lakecity from 20 to 23 August

CPA Meeting in Udaipur

The 9th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) India Region Conference is scheduled to take place in the city of Udaipur from 20 to 23 August, 2023. The conference will witness the participation of esteemed dignitaries, including the Speakers, Deputy Speakers, and Secretaries from all Legislative Assemblies across the country. Additionally, all Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) from Rajasthan will be in attendance. The conference will be graced by the presence of Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla, who will preside over the proceedings. Representing the CPA Headquarters in London, the President and General Secretary will also actively participate in the event.

To mark the significance of the occasion, the Chief Minister's involvement is anticipated, and it is planned for them to address the audience during the inaugural and concluding sessions. The preparations for the conference are well underway under the competent leadership of District Collector Arvind Poswal. On Friday at 11 am, a crucial meeting was held at the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, led by Principal Secretary Mahavir Prasad Sharma, to coordinate and discuss preparations for the successful organization of the 9th CPA India Region Conference in Udaipur. The meeting brought together key representatives from various departments of the district.

District Collector Arvind Poswal, SP Bhuvan Bhushan, Smart City CEO Aparna Gupta, Zilla Parishad CEO Saloni Khemka, ADM (Administration) OP Bunkar, and other high-ranking officials were present during the meeting. The primary agenda was to review and align the efforts of different departments to ensure the smooth and efficient execution of the upcoming conference. The meeting provided an opportunity to address any challenges and streamline the arrangements for hosting the event, ensuring that all aspects were well-coordinated and in place. 

During the meeting, Principal Secretary of Vidhan Sabha, Sharma efficiently coordinated with various departments to ensure seamless arrangements for the upcoming conference. Several key decisions were made, including the establishment of a control room to be managed by the Vidhan Sabha. Nodal officers were appointed and liaison officers were designated to work closely with representatives. Their contact details were promptly shared with the Vidhansabha to facilitate smooth communication.

To streamline operations, four offices were designated for the control room's functioning. Principal Secretary Sharma also provided instructions regarding the posting of IAS or RAS officers to oversee essential tasks. Moreover, discussions were held to select a suitable location for the post-conference tour and make necessary arrangements for dinner and cultural programs. Emphasis was placed on enhancing the aesthetics and cleanliness of main roads to create a pleasant atmosphere during the event.

Security aspects were thoroughly addressed, encompassing measures for the safety of conference delegates and dignitaries. Arrangements for pilot vehicles, traffic management, guard of honor, and Personal Security Officers (PSOs) for presiding officers were diligently planned. Adequate medical facilities were ensured at hotels and other venues, and measures were taken to maintain uninterrupted power supply. Additional assistance at the airport and railway station for attendees was also discussed, along with the establishment of information desks. Principal Secretary Sharma's comprehensive discussions and directives during the meeting set the stage for a well-organized and secure 9th CPA India Region Conference, leaving no aspect unaddressed and contributing to the overall success of the event.

During the meeting, District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal highlighted the presence of a competent and efficient team of officers in Udaipur who were dedicated to ensuring the seamless execution of the conference. The meeting witnessed the participation of officers from various departments, including Electricity, Municipal Corporation, Public Works Department (PWD), Railway, Airport, Smart City, Police, Medical, Public Relations, Tourism, and Devasthan. Their collective presence signified a unified and collaborative approach towards orchestrating a well-coordinated and memorable conference.

With the support and commitment of the district administration and the collective efforts of the skilled officers from different departments, District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal exuded confidence that the 9th CPA India Region Conference in Udaipur would be a resounding success, leaving a positive and lasting impact on all the participants and delegates.


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